Home Entertainment Cause of Death of Young Nollywood actress Nora Nkiruka Ugo Revealed

Cause of Death of Young Nollywood actress Nora Nkiruka Ugo Revealed


Another Nollywood star, Nora Nkiruka Ugo died over the weekend in Lagos state

As earlier reported on spillednews.com that Young and Beautiful Nollywood actress, Nkiruka is dead

The actress died of uterine fibroid and blood clot –- according to media report

Nkiruka Dies After Uterine Fibroid Embolization Resulted In Complication In Lagos Nigeria Hospital

The young actress was said to have died around noon on Sunday the 28th of January 2018 after short time battle to Fibroid.

The actress died of Fatal Pulmonary Embolism after Uterine Artery Fibroid Embolisation (fibroid treatment surgery), Najagist reported.

Her trouble reportedly started last year when she was experiencing heavy menstrual flow. She consulted doctors who kept giving her painkillers, unknown to them the actress had developed a huge fibroid that necessitated urgent surgery.

She reportedly went under the knife to get the fibroid removed only to develop complication that manifested in form of overwhelming pain and shortness of breath hours after the surgery.

The source said doctors did everything possible to save her life before she slipped into coma.

She reportedly had respiratory and cardiac arrest before doctors administered cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR) on her.

Sadly when there was no cardiac activity throughout the CPR, it was discontinued after sometimes before she was pronounced dead.

Autopsy later confirmed that she died of pulmonary embolism.

This is definitely not what her family members want to hear.

May God comfort them during this period and may her soul rest in peace.