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#YouTubeRewind 2017: YouTube compiles & posts most viral moments of the year| Watch Here


— YouTube Rewind 2017 recaps top memes, trends as top 10 videos of the year revealed
— YouTube Rewind 2017: Watch the new video

With 2017 ticking away, YouTube compiled and posted the most viral moments of the year for its annual Rewind mashup.

To recap the top videos, events, and more for the year, the video features many hit moments and contains the largest amount of talent of any Rewind. The Google site has also revealed this year’s top 10 trending videos.

The 2017 edition dropped Wednesday featuring some of the breakout stars of pop culture.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the video was polarizing on social media. Within hours the video had surpassed 100,000 dislikes.

Watch the 2017 edition of YouTube Rewind below:

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This year’s YouTube Rewind video is quite the ride