Home Relationship LOL! 2 wives fly cross-country to catch CHEATING husbands – Woman LIVE-TWEETED

LOL! 2 wives fly cross-country to catch CHEATING husbands – Woman LIVE-TWEETED


This is so hilarious – A woman eavesdropped over unknown people’s conversations then LIVE-TWEETED it.

Brittney-Jade Colangelo, a Cleveland resident and a filmmaker, who happened to overhear a conversation between two women at an airport. The two married women planning to fly cross-country suspected that their respective husbands were having an affair with each other. Yes, you read that right! As soon as Colangelo heard the conversation while waiting for her flight, she decided to live-tweet it and share it with the world.

In a series of tweets, Colangelo revealed how these women met and the discussion began. She identified one of them as ‘Gum Lady’, owing to the “extreme couponer’s amount of gum in her purse” and the other as the ‘Shot Lady’. “Why can’t they be honest? There’s no need for cockamamie stories and secrets. I don’t care if they’re gay. I care they lie,” she quoted one the them. They also assure each other that “hopefully they’ll gain a sister in the other if they lost their husbands.”

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During the course of the conversation, they also shared pictures of their kid’s Halloween costumes and discussed how their life is similar to the Netflix show ‘Grace & Frankie’. What’s more, they bonded over “cute animal videos” and consoled each other when the other broke down. Even as Colangelo wished that they would have stayed longer, the two ladies finally headed to Chicago.

Here are the tweets she shared on the micro-blogging site.