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This Nigerian lady celebrates her second husband as she tells her liberation story


— Abused Physically, Emotionally, Sexually, Verbally and Mentally for 11 years
— Given out to a man older than my own father at age 18
— Attempted Suicide three times
— I Was disconnected from family , friends, church and society at large
— Lost my Self Esteem, Confidence and sense of being


A Nigerian lady identified as Mercy Makinde has opened up on the things that kept her weighed down when she was younger. The woman shared her liberation story to inspire other women who might be going through something worse.

Makinde took to her Facebook page to share her thrilling story and to let people know she serves an awesome God. She said people who do not know her will not understand all she went through to wear the crown that she is rocking now.

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According to the beautiful woman, she was given out in marriage to a man older than her father at the age of 18. She suffered all forms of abuse for 11 horrifying years. Broken down and unable to understand why her life was like that, Makinde said she tried taking her own life about three times.

In the process of going through all these shock waves, she lost her self-esteem and her confidence dwindled.

This did not make her socialize as she found herself disconnected from friends and family. Attending functions and being in church became worrisome to her as she basically reclined into her shell and was not willing to live.

However, Makinde said God pulled her through and rescued her from the shadow of death. He gave her a second chance at marriage by giving her a man who loved her endlessly and did everything to make her feel whole again.

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She found a man who understood her pains and helped her heal. Not only did he stand as a rock for her, his presence made up for all the years she spent in agony and acute depression. To her, this is a second chance at marriage.

In addition to finding a man who loves her unconditionally, Makinde said God restored all she had lost over the years. She gave birth to two children even when she had been told she would never have children again.

The beautiful woman said God turned her mess into a message and her misery became an enviable ministry. In another Facebook post, the woman appreciated her husband and praised him for being true and affectionate.

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Tuesday, October 10, was their wedding anniversary and she did not fail to let him know how remarkably brilliant he has been over the years. She considers him to be an angel sent down to reside with humans on earth.

She said they exchanged vows to be together some years back and God’s grace has kept them till this moment. They are still standing tall and enjoying God’s presence. To this declaration, some of her friends took their time to congratulate her and wish her luck.

See the posts she made on Facebook to celebrate her husband and to also share her story: