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Wow! This 10-Yr-Old Boy Creates Life-saving Device After Neighbour’s 6-month-old Baby Died in Heated Car


— Invention:  This 10 year old is creating a device to prevent infants from dying in hot cars
— Bishop Curry patent should be here within the year.

Bishop Curry

After Bishop Curry heard his neighbour’s 6-month-old infant died from being in an overheated car, he decided to create a life-saving device to prevent incidents like this from reoccurring ― as any responsible 10-year-old would.

Last June, CNN reported that the number of hot-car deaths had nearly tripled compared to the same time in 2015, which had 24 hot-car deaths in total.

Talking with Huffingtonpost Bishop Curry said; “It kind of came in my head,” the device called ‘the Oasis’.

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How the Oasis works

The Oasis would respond to rising temperatures by emitting cool air and use an antenna to signal parents and authorities. At the moment, Bishop only has a 3-D clay model of the device, but his father, Bishop Curry IV, began a GoFundMe campaign for the Oasis in January.

“I got lots of help from my parents,” Bishop said.

Attorneys advised the family that the minimum amount they’d need for prototyping and manufacturing fees, as well as a patent for the device, is $20,000.

The GoFundMe campaign has already exceeded that $20,000 goal and, as of Monday, has raised over $23,700. Bishop, who will begin sixth grade in the fall, told Fox News last week that in addition to his parents, his classmates and friends are fully behind him on his projects.

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“They want to work for me,” he said.

When Curry grows up, he wants to center his career around inventions, including a time machine.

Photo credit: Huffingtonpost