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Spalletti Bemoans Separating Totti From Roma


Luciano Spalletti is hoping Eusebio Di Francesco can reunite Roma, after he admitted to playing a divisive role between Roma and Totti.

Spalletti left Roma after the end of the season, despite leading to second on the table and is now in charge at Inter Milan.

His decision to separate club great and veteran footballer Totti from the club, was a cloud that followed his time at Roma.

“Inter contacted me when I was about to finish the championship,” Spalletti said in his first news conference as Nerazzurri coach. “[Roma president James] Pallotta had already been warned by me that I would be gone.

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“After the farewell to Roma, this was the best thing that could happen to me. I say this without wanting anyone to take offence.

“In Rome, I had become the one that divided rather than united. There was this problem on the management of Totti.

“I came to see this contrast – the love for the most important player prevailed on the support and affection that we had to have for the team.

“In not being able to put the two things together, I did not do my job well. These two things must go hand in hand.

“I was in trouble because I heard rumours from the fans. I heard them on the streets, in bars, at traffic lights. Many were in favour but there was a line of demarcation.

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“They must all be united. I even now wish this to Roma.”