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Singer Chidinma Is Vibe.ng Magazine Covers Girl, Talks Music, Her Rise to Stardom & More


Chidinma is the latest cover star for Vibe.ng Magazine as the music star talks about her music, Project Fame, her hair, Flavour & more.

Read excerpts from her interview below

On her bad habits: Hmm, bad habits? I am not sure they are up to 3. I want to smile less. YES. Because I smile a lot and people sometimes tend to see that as a weakness.

On her rise to stardom: Music was never part of the big picture until Project Fame. I’d always seen myself as a broadcaster. I wanted to be on the radio. I just wanted to gain some experience. I wanted to meet people because prior to that time, I was always home. I just wanted to go out and talk to new people. That was the motive behind it.

On her signature haircut: First of all, only my sister touches and makes my hair and at some point, she had to travel and then I tried to make my hair somewhere else with other people but my hair began to fall off. So I thought to myself. I need to cut this hair. I also wanted a different look.

I remember the first time I cut my hair. The moment I did and I had a shoot, I was almost crying like -oh my God, I’m bald- but immediately I took the pictures, I just fell in love and ever since, I’ve been rocking it.

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Stylist: @thestyleinfidel
Makeup: @faaribysisiope
Photography: @kunmi.owopetu