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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 refurbished, renamed ‘Samsung Galaxy Note FE’ & released date


Samsung has yet to confirm the release date for the refurbished Galaxy Note 7, but rumors suggest the phone will come around the end of June or during July. That’s only in South Korea though.

Recall Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a fantastic phone but sadly it had a little problem of the odd unit catching fire and being a big safety hazard.

Samsung then recalled every Note 7 and since then all the units have been sitting in a warehouse, but Samsung has now confirmed it plans to use those phone parts for refurbished versions of the handset.

What name the phone will have is currently unclear. Originally we heard word of it being called the Note 7 R, but a new rumour suggests it’ll be the Samsung Galaxy Note FE.

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FE is rumoured to stand for “Fan Edition” and it’d make sense for Samsung to avoid the Note 7 name, even though it’s refurbished. It’s important to note this phone isn’t the Galaxy Note 8 – that’s expected to be an entirely new phone that will come out in August or September this year.

A release date for other markets is currently unclear, and it may be Samsung decides it won’t sell the new version of the phone outside of its home market of Korea.