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Nigerian man refuses to use condom with wife after discovering he was HIV positive


What would you do if you were this lady who found out that her husband was HIV positive just one year after their wedding? She needs advice.

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This disturbing story about a Nigerian man who has refused to use a condom with his wife after he  found out he was HIV positive but he lied to her that he wasn’t.

The story was shared by blogger Amanda Chisom.

Good evening, please hide my ID. I saw my hubby taking some drugs last month, I asked what does the drugs work for, he said he was having malaria. Only for him to wake me up mid of the night and say we need to discuss.

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He told me that he tested HIV positive. Amanda, that night I cried my eyes out.
Eventually, I went for my own HIV test it came out negative. My husband swore that he has never cheated on me that he doesn’t know how he got infected.

He is now making me feel guilty about his status telling me if I love him I will stay, has been preaching to me since.

We just got married this year I don’t have any child neither am I pregnant. My parents said I will not continue with the marriage, I’m feeling for my hubby. I don’t know what to do.

I don’t want to take decision I will regret in the future. I forgot to also add he said if I love him I will not mind contracting the virus from him and he has refused to use a condom with me. He said he can never use it on his wife.

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Please I need advice.