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Muslim Man Stands Blindfolded Asking For Hugs From Passersby With Placard, Then This Happens…. Watch


A beautiful video surfaced on the Internet, which spreads the message of love, humanity and trust, after the recent Manchester terrorist attack which killed 22 people and left many more injured.

Posted on Youtube on May 28, the video shows a Muslim video blogger, Baktash Noori, standing blindfolded on a busy Manchester street asking for hugs from passers-by to gain their trust.

The reason? He says the people of his religion face a huge backlash after every terror attack and wanted to show that they’re human too. And that not only can they be trusted, but they can trust as well. The video has successfully won millions of hearts all over the world.

Noori stood next to a placard saying, “I’m a Muslim and I trust you. Do you trust me enough for a hug?”

He decided to shoot his ‘social experiment’on May 26, but he posted it after two days on his YouTube channel, ‘The Life of Bako.’

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The video which is about 15 minutes long, has created a buzz among viewers and garnered a lot of support and love worldwide. So far, it has collected over 680,000 views in just a couple of days.

The heartfelt video footage shows people hugging this wonderful soul, Noori, one after another. The first person to approached Noori can be heard saying, “Good man. You’re not alone kid. And don’t think you’re outside.”

Then gradually, more people came forward to embrace him. At one point, there is even a queue, including children and elderly people just waiting for their turn to hug him.

“The first 30 seconds were nerve racking… but once I got that first hug with a lovely comment from that gentleman in my video, it made me feel a whole lot better,” Noori told Manchester Evening News in an interview, adding, “I did not expect so many people to come and hug me, let alone give me such positive comments, but it was the best thing I’ve ever done.”

“I love this video so much! I’m Mancunian and what happened absolutely broke my heart and as a Muslim, it brought a wave of pain, fear and anxiety. Being scared in my own home town.. but watching this video, it’s increased my hope. The amount of people, good-hearted humans that came to hug you was amazing. And it just goes to show; Manchester and its residents are beautiful, kind-hearted humans and humanity can never be broken. God bless Manchester,” one of the YouTube users, Miss Phase, commented.

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The caption of the video reads, “Making this video has a been a great experience, the warmth and love i felt from each hug was truly wonderful. I want to thank the 2 guys that helped me out with this video, without them, i would not have been able to do this: Ahmad & Abdullah.”

Noori’s social media experiment has helped Manchester Community to gel together even further!

Watch the video here.