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Man Shares His Annoying Experience Withdrawing Money From An ATM — He Received N5 instead of N500


A story shared by an annoyed Facebook user who shared his experience while withdrawing money from an ATM recently.
Have you ever gone to withdraw money from an ATM only to discover that it didn’t dispense the exact amount you keyed into it? Well, such was this man’s story when he tried to withdraw money from an ATM that was supposed to be dispensing ‘N500 only’.

 Ayo Morgan Adeyemi got the shock of his life when a N5 note slipped out instead of N500 that was supposed to make up his total amount.

Mr Adeyemi got N5 when he was supposed to get an additional N500 note

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Adeyemi took to Facebook to express his displeasure, but that was after he had the matter resolved with the said bank. See what he wrote below: “Be Careful at ATM. My personal experience today, Thursday, 1st June, 2017. I used my card at an ATM this morning to draw some cash and to my amazement, a N5 note was pushed out alongside N500 notes to make up my total drawn amount.

I felt embarrassed seeing this and complained to the customer service/Manager. It was resolved after wasting my time to establish that it really happened. My advice, always check your cash before leaving ATM and once you notice such, use your phone to snap it as an evidence. See attached pictures as my evidence.”

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