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Kim Kardashian Is Mentally Unfit To Own A Gun — Colion Noir, NRA TV Host Falsely Claims


NRA TV Host Falsely Claims Kim Kardashian Is Mentally Unfit To Own A Gun
The reality TV star advocates restricted access to guns for people with mental illness.

A gun activist for the National Rifle Association suggested some people are mentally unfit to own guns.

Colion Noir                                                             Kim Kardashian

Specifically, Kim Kardashian.

Kardashian fired up Colion Noir, host of a show on NRA TV, the gun-rights group’s video channel, with a June 2 open letter on her website supporting National Gun Violence Awareness Day and “stricter gun control laws and restricted access to firearms for people with mental illness.”

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Kim wrote on her website:

In a video released June 9 that has since been deleted (but preserved by Media Matters), Noir suggests it’s Kardashian who has mental issues that should prevent her from gun ownership.

“Kim, let’s be real. You have a book of selfies. You are the epitome of a narcissist, which, last I checked, narcissistic personality disorder is a mental illness. Not to mention your self-admitted dealings with anxiety and the PTSD you suffered from being robbed at gunpoint.

“My dear, you have several mental illnesses. So should we make your name number 75,001 of people who should not be allowed to own guns? Then again, you are an elitist of the highest order, so I’m sure you’d consider yourself an exception.”

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Kardashian expressed disbelief in her open letter that Congress recently revoked a law designed to keep guns away from the mentally ill.

She stressed she’s not against gun ownership. After she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris in October, she said she knows “how important it is to be safe and have armed security.”

Kardashian discussed her experience with gun violence last month on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” She reportedly still cries and has flashbacks to the violence.

Research on bank tellers and others who experience workplace robbery suggests this is a common reaction to being victimized by violence.

It should be noted that Kardashian has admitted seeing a mental health professional for help with anxiety, a condition which affects more than 40 million American adults.

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Note: Noir is a Texas-based lawyer, not a mental health professional.