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Kemi Olunloyo cries to Nigerians for help: ‘I’m very sick, please pray for me & donate towards my trial


Kemi Olunloyo is crying out for help on her Instagram page over the state of her health and also soliciting for help to cover up her legal expenses.

Kemi Olunloyo

Three days after she was released from prison, ex governor’s daughter, US trained investigative journalist and now political activist Kemi Olunloyo has detailed how she has fallen ‘extremely sick’ due to her incarceration.

According to her, she has really lost weight and her body has changed in the last 81 days.

She shared the photo above and wrote;



4:30am June 9th 2017
I have fallen extremely sick as I got home since Wednesday 7th June 2017. I left #PHMax Monday with #Typhoid fever, asthma, back pain and now I’m vomiting with high fevers. Pls pray for me. I am not used to the food at home anymore. My body changed in that 81 days. I will be hospitalized 8:30am here in #Ibadan. I’m fainting and having breathing problems. I have lost weight and I am overwhelmed by the prison chores. The outfit I’m wearing was sown in prison at our sewing workshop, the brown pendant was made in the men’s side by Ogoni militants and reads Kemi #1journalist and the green shirt was what we wore for the prison Olympics. Remember to donate to my trial travel fundraiser expenses. June 20, day 5 of trial.
I’m very very SICK!
Bye for now.