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Aww! See this little kid’s reaction to her dad’s “Father’s Day” gift from mum — Really Confused?


Father’s Day is in less than a week. Wondering what to gift your dad? Well, Mila Stauffer — the little girl who has gained quite a huge fan following for her dramatic videos — is also confused as to how she can surprise her dad.
It seems her mom had an idea and suggested the two-year-old to gift a vinyl recorder with a list of the classic songs on it. However, Mila could hardly make anything out of the “big circle”.

In a video that her mother uploaded on Instagram, Mila can be seen complaining about the recorder, and wondering if one could “upload it to the cloud” and if it is “something to do with itunes”.

 “If you’re looking for some easy entertainment, take your kids Father’s Day shopping to pick up your husband’s favorite vinyl records and watch their confused reaction,” Katie Stauffer captioned the video.

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Watch the video here.

“Clearly Mila doesn’t share the same appreciation for vinyls as her dad does,” her mom remarks at the end of her post.