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Aww! Couple Recreates Wedding 15 Years Later as Blind Groom Gets Glasses That Allow Him to See


— Thanks to a pair of eSight 3 smart glasses to enable blind groom see his bride
— “We take our vision for granted,” says  Andrew

While most weddings tend to focus on the first look, the emotional moment didn’t come for this New Hampshire couple until 15 years after their ceremony.

Andrew Airey, 37, was diagnosed with Stargardt disease, and was blind during his first wedding to his wife 15 years ago. 

An inspiring and motivating story of  Andrew Airey and wife  Kelli Airey 15th anniversary

Andrew Airey, 37, of Conway, is legally blind, but was able to see his wife clearly for the first time during a restaging of his wedding to Kelli Airey on their 15th anniversary.

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“We take our vision for granted,” Andrew said in a video by eSight, the company that gave the couple electronic glasses that allowed him to see clearly for the first time in 20 years.

Andrew started losing his vision during his teen years, and was eventually diagnosed with Stargardt disease, a rare illness that causes progressive vision loss.

“I was starting to get these blind spots, so we went for a myriad of tests,” he said. “They said I got an eye disease and it’s progressing fast.”

Because of the disease, the father-of-three has been unable to drive a car, hold a job or even shave his own face each morning, but nothing was as heartbreaking as not being able to see his wife walk down the aisle.

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That’s why they decided to recreate the same wedding earlier this spring. This time, Andrew would be able to witness the moments he missed 15 years ago with nearly 20/20 vision, thanks to a pair of eSight 3 smart glasses.

“Celebrating 15 years of marriage with our second wedding is the perfect way to start fresh,” his wife said in their vows. “I couldn’t be more excited that your new glasses will give you back the ability to see the things you’ve missed for so long. And I can’t wait to watch you see the many details of our daily adventures with our family.”

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The couple is now raising money to help others battling blindness get the eSight glasses they need. Visit their wedding registry to donate.