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Actress Toyin Abraham talks about her failed marriage & plans to remarry & have kids in recent interview


Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham granted a 12-minute interview with Broadway TV, which was published online,

The actress talked about her failed marriage to Adeniyi Johnson, addiction to hard drugs, emotional health, past mistakes and career.

Toyin Abraham

Asked why she had changed so much within the last few months, Toyin said she had to work on herself, quit her drug habit and redefine her relationship with other people.

The actress admitted that, having suffered a lot of bad publicity in the past, she had to search for a solution to her problems by looking inwards. The search led to the discovery that she loathed herself. “At a point, I realised that I didn’t love myself enough and I wanted the people around me to love me. Also, I found that all the while I chose to please other people before pleasing myself. And I was focusing on the things that did not matter,” she said.

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Toyin said that she never planned to have a broken home. She confessed that after her marriage to Johnson broke up, she found herself slipping into depression. “I was emotionally carried away and could not wait to recover completely from the breakup before jumping into another relationship. I wanted to be healed and I thought that going into another relationship would help,” she said

But the actress refused to blame her ex-man or anybody else for the breakup. “It takes two to tango. My ex-husband has his faults and I have mine. I think we both brought our negative sides into the marriage and that was why it just didn’t work,” she argued.

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Toyin also admitted that drug addiction had a devastating effect on her life and negatively influenced her actions so much that she lost touch with the things that worked for her. “These things were fuelling my negative energy. Even when I did something bad, it always ended up yielding negative results.”