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Man Vs Woman Real Life Complaints In Relationship


It is very rare to  find couple that doesn’t run into a few bumps in the road. Some problems could be recognised ahead of time; chronic infidelity, secretive about where they go when you’re not around or incompatible sex drives.

Listed below are written letters to aunty Bunmi from different people complaining about their relationship crisis

Man #1: Can I get over her infidelity

My girlfriend’s colleague let it lip that she was having an affair with a bloke from work. She didn’t know we were still together. When I confronted her and told her who spilled the beans, she said it was a one-off. Although we’re still together, I still can’t bring myself to make love to her. I can’t forgive the fact that she had sex with another man when she professed she loved me. I find it repulsive and wonder if things will ever be the same again. 

Woman #1: My boyfriend stole from me

I met my boyfriend months after my marriage broke up. After a few dates, I moved in with him though I kept my flat where my two children lived with my mother. It was a complete disaster. I discovered he was a heavy drinker and took drugs. He’d disappear on a drinking spree and came home in an awful state.

He couldn’t even go after the petty contracts that used to sustain him and he made it clear he didn’t want a real relationship. I did all I could to help him but he’d say I was stupid and useless, and he was a nasty bully. When he was sober though, he could be so nice. But most of the time, we ended up having violent rows. He even threatened to kill me once. We eventually broke up recently and I’ve just found out that he stole a lot of money from me. I’m totally devastated. I don’t even know if I could live without him.

Man #2: She said I wasn’t the father

Why are women so fickle? Why am I so unlucky with them? After several disappointments, I finally got married to a woman I thought loved me. That was five years ago. We have two boys but now a man who was my rival when I was dating her has boasted that he fathered our first son. I was furious and insisted on a blood test.

My wife said I shouldn’t bother as the child was not really mine. You can imagine how devastated I was and still am. I looked at the younger son and wondered if that too was mine. My wife swore on the Bible that he was but I still find it difficult to believe. Heaven only knows how many people are now laughing behind my back.
Woman #2: My ex allows the kids to run wild

I’m a divorced mother of three. Their dad and I split up six years ago and he sees them every other weekend. When they’re with me, they have firm rules about bedtimes and behaviour. It’s a different story with their dad.

He lets them stay up late at night watching unsuitable TV programmes and films. They always come back with an attitude, refusing to tidy their rooms and answering me back.

I’m fed up with always being made out to be the strict parent. I grew up in a loving household where everyone did their bit and I want the same for the kids. As things are now, I’m frightened they’ll end up wanting to go and live with their dad.

According to Marie Land, “You need to feel comfortable laying bare your problems and frustrations with your partner. It’s problematic if one of you prefers to keep your emotions bottled up.”