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Honey I Can’t Sleep So You Shouldn’t Sleep Either — Romantic Relationships With A Funny Twist


It is easy to fall in love, but difficult to stay in love. And once you start living with your partner, there are a lot of things you need to adjust with.

Putting that in the spotlight and more, illustrator and graphic designer Yehuda Adi Devir described his life with his wife, but with a quirky twist. The funny angle in all the day-to-day situations will leave you in splits.

These comics show romantic relationships with a funny twist, and you’ll identify with most of them

Steal a glance at a few such cartoons here.

#1. Her magic touch

#2. Bad hair day

#3. How it’s always my turn to do the dishes?

#4. Holiday leftovers

#5. Typical night out

#6. Every time I think of shaving!

#7. Valentine’s Day!

#8. Travel pillow

#9. Sweet dreams

#10. A walk in the park!

(Source: Yehuda Devir/Instagram/Facebook)

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