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Man Gets The Shock Of His Life, Finds Out That Wife Is Pregnant With Another Man’s Baby After He Patiently Waited For S£x After Their Wedding


Heartbroken man tells how he waited to have sex with his fiancee until after marriage only to find out she’s 4 month pregnant with another man’s baby

An interesting reports about a man who had the shock of his life right after marrying the woman of his dreams.

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The reports do not disclose the man’s name. Any man with any kind of sense in his particular situation would also want to maintain his anonymity. It would be quite embarrassing to be in his shoes. You will understand once we explain.

The recently married man just publicly confessed via the Internet that he feels heartbroken during a time that should be the best days of his life

According to the reports, he is a newlywed. Not only is he a newlywed, he is a Christian newlywed who remained celibate doing all of the time he dated his girlfriend and fiancé. In essence, he saved himself for her while living up to his personal Christian values.

According to reports, that may have been admirable. His girlfriend may have had a lot of respect for him and his discipline to remain celibate. Yet the reports say that she allegedly did not have as much discipline is he did.

In his heart broken confession, the man admitted that he suspected his wife my might be pregnant when they got married but did not have a confirmation of his suspicions. However, shortly after the wedding, his wife went to the physician’s office where the physician informed them that his wife was four months pregnant.

The man knows that it is impossible for the child to be his because they have not had conjugal relations except for after their marriage vows were spoken. Therefore the timing just does not add up.

Sadly, the man is lamenting about the amount of money that he spent during the extravagant wedding. He also admits that he loves his wife. However he is losing confidence in their ability to go forward and create a beautiful family because there is no real trust between them. As of last reports, he is contemplating dissolving the brand-new marriage.

What do you think he should do? If it is true love should it matter that his wife is about to give birth to another man’s child? Do you think that he forced her into another man’s bed because he refused to have sex with the woman he loves?