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Should I Leave Him?


I was so happy when my boyfriend proposed to me. I told myself that i have gone out of the market not knowing that things were happening right under my very nose. Rumour had it that my close female friend was seeing my boy friend at that time. So I asked my guy about it but trust me; guys will always be guys, he lied about it but my so- called friend admitted they were an item and she was pregnant. A few days later, my fiance called to tell me the engagement was off. I was devastated. I later discovered that he’d been seeing this friend of mine for months.

I am so embarrassed after sharing my engagement story with friends and family. Now I will use the same mouth to tell them that the engagement has been called off.

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I feel humiliated and betrayed, and anger is the only thing that has kept me going. All I can think of is wreaking revenge on my ex-fiance and my so-called friend. I do not want see anyone and let alone to go out.

I have written a nasty letter to both of them to let them know how much pain they have put me through, but all I really want is for them to feel my pain and for everyone to know they can’t be trusted. My parents and friends say I should get on with my life, It is eazier said then done. I want to revenge.