Home Entertainment Kendall Jenner misses spending quality times with dad Caitlyn

Kendall Jenner misses spending quality times with dad Caitlyn


Things are different now. In a new clip from Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kendall Jenner  opens up to sister Kylie about their father, Caitlyn. The 20-year-old model says that she misses doing certain activities with the former Olympian and hints that she’s jealous of her younger sister’s relationship with their dad.

“I miss doing stuff with dad that we used to always do,” Kendall, 20, explains. “The boyish things, like, dirt biking and, I don’t know, adventurous things. I just feel like you guys bond so well because you’re super into makeup and I’m obviously not as into makeup as you.”
Kylie, 18, suggests, “Maybe get your nails done together. You should just talk to her.”

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Kendall then confesses that she doesn’t want to hurt Caitlyn’s feelings and is apprehensive about saying something.
She adds, “I’m so happy that my dad is at a place where she’s really happy and she’s comfortable with everything, and I don’t wanna be the one to get in the way of that.”