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Glo to Glo Airtime Transfer: How to Activate Glo Nigeria Me2U ?


Glo Nigeria Me2U:With
Glo Me2U, you, as a Glo subscriber, can transfer airtime to another Glo subscriber. Glo Me2U is just another recharge option.

Setting Up Glo Me2U:
Glo Me2U requires activation before use. Activation involves sending an SMS code to a specified number and setting up a new password by executing a USSD command. The default Glo Me2U password is 00000. To actvate Glo Me2U, SMS the word, “Act” to 131.

You will be notified that the service will be activated within a day.
When it is activated on your line, you will receive an alert that your
line has been activated. It is time to set up a new password.

Setting Up a New Glo Me2U Password:
default Glo Me2U password is 00000. Changing your password is highly
recommended to prevent unauthorized use. To change your password,
execute the USSD command, *132*00000*New Password*New Password# Send/Ok. If you want to change your password to 73859, for example, input*132*00000*73859*73859# and press the Send or Ok button. You will be informed that your password change was successful. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>

Transferring Calling Credit on Glo Nigeria Network:
To transfer airtime, use the USSD command, *131*Glo Number*Airtime Amount*Password# Send/Ok. Glo number represents the beneficiary Glo subscriber number. You may want to input it without the leading zero (0), that is, 805, 807, 707, etc. instead of 0805, 0807, 0707, etc.

An Example

To send N200 to subscriber 08051231231, input *131*8051231231*200*73859# and send, assuming your password is 73859.