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Wicked woman brutally beats 6-yr-old girl for spilling food; video goes viral


This horrifying video of a woman brutally beating a six-year-old girl in Malaysia has raised quite an alarm in the online space.

After the video went viral, local police traced the woman and arrested her.

 In the video, a little girl can been seen being flogged, slapped and kicked by a woman apparently because she had spilled food. It’s not known who actually recorded the video, but according to reports, the incident took place in Puchong Perdana, Malaysia.

The 2-minute and 49-second video went viral across India and Malaysia, of course, leading to the woman – who had been hired by the girl’s parents to look after her – being arrested by the local police, says a FreeMalaysiaToday.com report. “The victim has been rescued and the suspect caught,” Subang Jaya district police chief ACP Mohammad Azlin Sadari told The Sun.

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Here’s the disturbing video, which is not easy to watch at all, so viewer discretion is strongly advised.

In the background, other voices can be heard questioning the woman, but that does not deter her from mercilessly thrashing the wailing child. In fact, she seems to taunt the person recording, daring him/her to send to the media.
The woman can be heard yelling at the girl in Tamil, apparently even screaming the word ‘die’ repeatedly.


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