Sweet little boy taking care of his mother melts Internet users heart (Photo)

This picture of a little boy taking care of his mother has gone viral.

From picture one can see a little boy looking after his mother, carrying the bags for her while she is sleeping. People are touched and amazed at the little boy’s gesture, as she out of sheer fatigue perhaps is sleeping..

A picture of a little boy looking after his sleeping mom on the subway in Chengdu has become an online hit in China.

The picture, taken in southwestern Sichuan province and posted by @zhibochengdu on Weibo, shows the kid using his hand as pillow to comfort his sleeping mother. He also took charge of keeping an eye on her purse.

Before standing guard over his sleeping mom, the boy also reportedly gave up his seat to a woman with her baby.

Weibo users have praised the boy’s thoughtful behaviour and the good education he obviously received from his parents.

“The kid is so tender. I can’t believe he is a boy. He did something that doesn’t quite match his age,” said @ershidexiaoyuanba.

“Kids have a strong imitation ability. I’m sure his father treats his mother well so that the boy has such a loving heart,” @chongzhimiguoO_O commented.

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