Man Who Suffered Acid Attack From Wife Seeks Court To Order That Acid Be Poured On His Wife Too

— 24 year-old man has gone blind in one eye as a result of acid attack from his wife
— A Ugandan man suffered an acid attack from his wife has requested a court to order that acid be poured on his wife too 

In an unusual testimony, a 24-year-old man in Kampala, Uganda has asked a court to impose the same punishment his attacker, his wife, meted out on him. Siraje Kato testified on Thursday, June 1 that his wife, Sarah Kyarikunda, poured acid on him in March this year in an attempt to kill him. As a result, he has lost vision in one eye. The heavily bandaged Kato said an argument with Sarah caused the attack, which she perpetrated in conjunction with others still on the run.

Apparently severely affected by his injuries, Kato proceeded to request that the court should order that acid be poured on Sarah. Kato said: “Your worship, if it were possible for court to order for acid to be poured on Kyarikunda’s body like she did to me, that would be a satisfactory punishment.”

This request reportedly surprised the judge, James Ereemye, and other people attending the hearing. The court was adjourned and will reconvene on June 6 for further hearings.

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