London Terror Rampage: Knifemen Storm & Attack Bar & Restaurant Goers, Stabbed 6 Persons To Death & 48 Hurt

Men armed with knives ran into steak restaurant while two attacker were shot outside the Wheatsheaf pub

Person was reportedly stabbed in doorway of Southwark Tavern as drinkers tried to fight him off with chairs

The tragedy comes just 12 days after the Manchester terror attack and 10 weeks after the Westminster atrocity.

Three knifemen are killed by marksmen after smashing pub windows and attacking drinkers: Terrorists storm a steak restaurant and ‘stab a diner in the face’

Terrified witnesses described knifemen storming packed restaurants and slashing at diners during the chaos before the attackers were shot by police outside a pub.

Witnesses described knifemen storming packed restaurants and slashing at diners in London Bridge chaos

Several people were stabbed in pubs and restaurants during the terrorist attack in London Bridge as revellers bravely fought off attackers with chairs and glasses.

Six people were killed and at least 48 are thought to be injured, police said. The three attackers were also shot dead during the eight minutes of violence.

Men armed with knives reportedly ran into the Black & Blue steak restaurant and started stabbing randomly.

At the Wheatsheaf pub, in Borough Market, attackers were said to have targeted drinkers.

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