Trump’s “rude gesture”! YES He Did Shove Another NATO Leader To Be In The Front of The Group (Watch)

Donald Trump grabs attention on social media again for his not so ‘sweet gesture’. He pushes Montenegro’s PM to get to the front at NATO Summit

US President Donald Trump attended NATO summit of the heads of state and government in Brussels on May 25.

In a recent video footage posted on Twitter by Steve Kopack, it appears that President Donald Trump shoved Montenegro’s PM Dusko Markovic aside, while they were taking a tour of NATO’s new headquarters after posing for a group picture together.

The video shows Trump putting his right hand on the right arm of Dusko Markovic to get in front of the pack at the NATO summit in Belgium. Well, that’s not all. He can also be seen murmuring a few words and setting up his coat like a boss. Trump then stood near Markovic but spoke to Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite. 

The video has caught a lot of eyeballs on social media and some have even called it a “rude gesture”.

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