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SHAME! Tiger Woods Arrested & Booked For DUI


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The latest dramatic bombshell for Tiger Woods — Woods was charged with driving under the influence near his South Florida home, a story that quickly became front-page headlines.

Tiger Woods  Mugshots — Arrested and Booked For DUI 

Tiger Woods was booked on charges of driving under the influence near his Florida home on Monday.

The news was jarring enough. But then there was that photo — a police mugshot of one of the world’s most famous athletes, looking disheveled and glazed over.

For a man whose personal life has become a series of humiliations in varying degrees over the past decade, the photo offers tangible representation of that stark decline. It offers visual proof of the news, of another public embarrassment.

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There is no positive way to spin this story. No silver lining, no beneficial aftereffects that might spring from it.

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