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Ivanka Trump Slammed Over ‘Insensitive Popsicles’ Tweet On Memorial Day


Ivanka Trump has been no strange to faux pas since taking up an unprecedented (and un-titled) role in her father’s administration in March. But in this situation netizens come for Ivanka over her Memorial Day tweet.

Ivanka Trump

Poor Ivanka. She can’t even enjoy a long weekend in a city that she hates without being criticised for a wildly insensitive Tweet.

Monday, May 29 was Memorial Day 2017 in United States of America – a day for the commemoration of servicemen and women who’ve died in the line of duty – and, seemingly taking a leaf out of her father’s Twitter handbook, Ivanka’s web team suggested her followers celebrate with… champagne ice blocks?

A number of netizens quickly condemned the tweet as insensitive, saying it was “tone deaf” and at odds with the intended meaning of the holiday.

While the offending tweet came from her brand account, Trump shared a more solemn message from her personal account a few hours later:


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