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Angered Soldiers Wasted No Time In Punishing Suspects Who Gruesomely Murdered & Burnt Officer Maxwell Mahama (Photos)


— Suspects Receive A Hell of Punishment From Soldier
— Soldiers Avenge The Death Of Their Own Who Was Lynched By Civilians

A number of suspects have been arrested over the gruesome murder of military officer in Denkyira Boase in the Central Region, Ghana on Monday, May 29.

 The officer, Captain Maxwell Mahama was lynched by residents of the Denkyira Boase Township on suspicion of being an armed robber. He was a military officer with the 5th Infantry Batallion (5BN) at Burma Camp in Accra but on detachment duties there where he met his untimely death.

Capt. Mahama who is the commander of the area military detachment, according to his subordinates, was seen jogging along the main road and as he stopped by to ask some women for directions, the women saw a pistol on him.

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Alarmed by the pistol on him, the women mistook him for an armed robber thereby alerting their assembly member who allegedly organised some men to lynch him and even burnt him in the process.

Their action is said to have been influenced by recent robbery attacks in the area with a recent one being a day before as the people in the mining town have been subjected to some serious robbery attacks. Capt. Mahama was not in uniform when the incident happened.

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