Marion Berry Health Benefits, Nutritional Value and Uses

What is Marion Berry?

Marion berries, sometimes referred to as the “Cabernet of Blackberries,” are the premier blackberry that it’s prolific variety produces a hefty harvest of delicious, bright, glossy fruit. The tart, sweet flavour makes for delicious desserts, jams and jellies. Vitamin-rich fruit is only 80 calories per cup.

Marion berry plants are cross breeds made up of two previous hybrids — the small but delicious Chehalem and the larger heavily productive Ollalie

Health Benefits of Marion Berry

The fruit contains high levels of anthocyanins that protect against cancer, heart and circulatory diseases.

Contains high levels of strong antioxidants such as Vitamin C, gallic acidand rutin that help promote circulatory health and fight against cancer.

Uses of Marion Berry

Marion Berry used in everything from yogurt, jam, baked goods and juices. They have a complex, rich flavor, deep reddish purple color and superior texture and size over other blackberry varietals, and that’s not all.

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